Nurse Staffing Agency & Recruitment from India

As there is a increase in the hospitals, there is a great demand for nurses (local or abroad) . Nurses are of great importance because they are the persons who take care about the patient before or after a operation. They are the helping hands for doctors and needs to have good knowledge on how to communicate with people. They should have care towards the patients and patients should have a good experience. Esource, one of the major nursing staffing agencies delivers candidates to UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Africa, Philippines, Europe and Gulf countries which include UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The medical staffing consultants undergo background verification as they should not face any problems in the near future. The consultants of the Esource undergo rigorous selection procedure .The duty of a nurse depends on the number of patients that arrives in a day. The day can be hectic and hence need to have patience to talk with all the people and serve their needs. Most of the nursing agency takes utmost care and tries their best to deliver candidates to the clients. Esource screens the profile of a consultant based on education, skill, strength, experience, language fluency, registrations and country eligibility. 

Nurse Recruitment Agency

If a consultant wishes to go abroad, he/she needs to have a valid passport. Usually, nurse is the best job that women can do. Because even though the jobs appear to be simple, it needs a lot of patience. Nurse needs to maintain a good rapport with the patients as wells as with the doctors. Some of the healthcare staffing agencies provides a good database of the nurses and helps the consultants to travel abroad depending on the interest of the consultant. Healthcare staffing companies acts as a layer between clients and the consultants. Esource plays an important role by fulfilling the requirements of the clients and placing the consultants in their desired jobs. Global nursing agency helps the clients to fill their positions in the shortest time possible. Esource is the best destination for most of the candidates who wish to do their jobs abroad. Esource maintains good relationships with the clients and hence they receive frequent requirements from them and this is how the company has grown as a large tree and served many people needs. Esource has a proven track record which has placed many nurses in many hospitals in various countries in a short span. Esource Global can be of assistance with worldwide alliances and partnerships linked by technology, highly experienced search professionals and a commitment to delivering value. Esource worldwide network provides access to a larger pool of qualified candidates.


Esource healthcare executive recruiters are well trained on how to source a profile according to the requirement of the client. The training period for the recruiters will be good and many tests were conducted during this period. These tests will help the recruiters to know where they stand and help them in better learning process. Some of the agency nursing company’s acts as a sister companies for Esource to provide man power. Esource is an international recruitment agency that helps people to earn more money and fulfill their which is related to education or to serve their parents and siblings. A consultant can earn a lot of money if he/she goes abroad. The main aim to earn money is to get rid of the financial problems that they suffer from. Hence recruitment agencies give a helping hand to the candidates to get the abroad jobs and giving proper guidance for them. Esource also conducts programs to know about the rules and regulations of the country that the candidate wishes to go. Esource also takes care about passport validity and other needed details.


Here are the requirements that are needed by a nurse to work depending on the chosen country.

  1. Completed the education in nursing profession.
  2. Registration as a nurse in the same county where education was completed.
  3. Registered With an board
  4. NMC
  5. Altranais
  7. CRNE
  8. HAAD
  9. ANMC
  10. Appropriate work permit
  11. Valid passport
  12. Appropriate visa for entry to the Country
  13. English in specified standard ( e.g IELTS/ TOEFL )