European Farm Labor Recruitment Agency

Role of an International Farm Labor Recruitment Agency

India is a large country, which has 80% of its land used for various agriculture purposes. There is basic farming, livestock farms, diary farms, chicken/sheep/goat farms, etc. Hence recruiting farm labor from India makes a lot of common sense as experienced and hard working farm hands are readily available and often these farm hands look forward to working on International locations.

Livestock farm workers are agricultural workers who perform day to day maintenance and ongoing tasks in diary, meat, egg and wool production. Farm owners from around the world and especially in Europe ,Australia,New Zealand, Canada, United States,etc prefer to recruit workers from India.

Esource Global, is Govt.of India registered overseas recruitment firm that specializes in providing skilled farm workers to companies worldwide is an ideal recruitment partner by far. We serve our overseas clients by sourcing and trade testing workers of different trades thus building value for our clients and their business.

Infrastructure of International Farm Labor Employment Agency

As a registered International Farm Labor Recruitment Agency that offers a complete recruitment solutions to our worldwide clients. We are committed to provide to our clients, workers who are skilled in their work with a matchless level of service by ensuring that all the workers are trade tested at fully equipped and trusted trade centers to verify and confirm their skill level.

We have associate offices spanning the country that enables them to source skilled farm labor and workers from different parts of the country in large numbers as required by their clients. This ensures that the client get the workers in time.

Our Core Farm Labor Recruitment Services

  • Cattle / Sheep Farm labor recruitment

  • Poultry farm labor recruitment

  • Vegetable / Fruit pickers / General labor recruitment

Cattle / Sheep Farm labor recruitment.

Poultry farm labor recruitment

Vegetable / Fruit pickers / General labor recruitment




Positions recruited by European Farm Labor Recruitment Agency

  •  Dairy Farm Worker
  •  Cattle Farm Workers
  •  Mixed Livestock Farm Worker
  •  Poultry Farm Worker
  •  Sheep Farm Worker
  •  Stablehand
  •  Wool Handler
  •  General Farm workers
  •  Cleaners / General labor

As a registered European farm labor recruitment agency. We ensure that the following responsibilities besides others are communicated to the farm hands.

  • Ensure well being of livestock with regular patrolling, inspection
  • Providing feed and water to livestock
  • Herding live stock between paddocks and milking/shearing stations to ensure feed availability between paddocks
  • Cleaning udders and attaching milking machines
  •  Egg collection and incubation
  •  Exercising certain livestock like horses.
  • Basic animal health care to identify sick animals and segregating them   to prevent spread of illness.

Overseas Recruitment services offered by Esource Global

As an approved farm labor and farm worker recruitment agency, Esource Global brings to you one-stop professional recruitment solutions for permanent recruitment process outsourcing or necessity based hiring support. The well-timed and cost efficient human relations solutions of this registered firm are assured to drive better outcomes. Their services are custom tailored to suit their clients industry and business environment.

The recruitment services offered by us include:

  • Initial screening .
  • Comprehensive Trade test of skills.
  • Offer letter acceptance.
  • Medicals & other documentation.
  • Visa & ticketing.
  • Induction about the client before departure.

Excluding urgent vacancies, huge corporations, growing businesses will have an everlasting demand for capable manpower to take their company to the highest level. In such situations, Esource Global will keep a constant lookout for capable individuals in all trades who can append value to your business. They manage these requirements across numerous worldwide locations and with a previously decided pricing structure.

Esource Global is the registered International Farm Labor Recruitment Agency that maintains and regularly updates a large resume database and their network is competent to reach out to thousands of new candidates like farm labor, livestock and dairy workers, etc to ensure high availability of these skilled workers for our clients worldwide.

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