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Hiring An Overseas Construction Recruitment Agency


Why recruit workers through an Overseas Construction worker recruitment agency ?

The economies of the countries in the Middle East have relied heavily on recruiting construction skilled workers especially from India, Philippines, Bangladesh,Sri lanka,etc .The Recruiting of skilled construction workers and labor from these countries have helped Construction and Contracting companies lower their costs and often have them avoid training costs as local Construction skilled manpower is often not available to do these tasks or if available often their salary expectations are quite high.

The recruitment of these skilled workers like Masons, Carpenters, Steel fixers, Plumbers, Electricians, etc or other work categories are taken care of by a registered overseas construction recruitment agency. There are many local laws and procedures that have to be followed which the international construction recruitment agency takes care off leaving the foreign employer free to concentrate on running and growing their businesses. The following is the list of steps that an construction worker recruitment agency completes for a manpower requirement.

       1.Advertisement of the requirements in appropriate Print, Digital and social media.

       2. Retrieving candidates from Internal database.

       3.Organizing and conducting the interviews.

       4.Skill testing and verification of experience certificates.

       5.Medicals examination.

       6.Police Clearance Certificate.

       7.Visa endorsements.

       8.Ticketing, Induction and deployment.

Thus an international construction recruitment agency is invaluable in completing the above on the behalf of the foreign employer.

Where recruiting through a International Construction recruitment agency run into trouble.

Some of the Con’s of the International construction recruitment agencies are as follows:

   1.Workers that are not skilled in their work category are send just to make a quick buck.

   2.Workers have been charged large amounts of money and higher than actual salaries have been            

      communicated. This results in serious worker issues when the first month’s salaries are paid.

   3.Workers send are different individuals than the ones selected by the Employer.

   4.The recruitment agency confirms interviews in their respective countries,but there are no relevant      

       workers or small number available when the Employer or their representative reach India. Resulting in    

       wasted money, time and efforts – this is really frustrating to the Employer.

   5.The construction recruitment agency can’t or will not assist in resolving worker issues if any.

That’s why many clients first preference for quality overseas construction recruitment agency services is Esource Global.

Whether you need a one-off placement, a construction team or a complete workforce – we provide reliable International construction recruitment solutions for your every workforce need. Our skilled and professional recruitment team are client-focused and results-driven.

Together with experience in working with vast numbers of skilled trades and labour, we go above and beyond what’s offered by other construction recruitment agencies, and continue to provide an excellent service. Some of the services that we offer as an International Construction Recruitment Agency are:

   1.Tile / Block / Plaster Mason construction recruitment services.

   2.Steel Fixers / Bar Benders recruitment construction recruitment services.

   3.Shuttering Carpenters recruitment construction recruitment services.

   4.Construction Labor recruitment construction recruitment services.

   5.Plumber /Electrician / Welders construction recruitment services.

   6.Supervisors / Camp Boss construction recruitment services.

   7.Engineers / technicians / QS construction recruitment services.

Send Esource Global your overseas construction workers recruitment requirements today.


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