International Construction Recruitment Agency

Role of an International Construction Recruitment Agency:

For any construction project to start and compete successfully, effective project management of all resources is required. The managerial team comprising of Project managers, civil engineers down to the quantity surveyors ensure effective project planning and execution.

This executive team spearheads the entire project constantly monitoring and reviewing the project status to ensure that all is going as per the project execution plan.

We ensure that no effort is spared to source the most experienced managers for your various construction projects. We match the experience and aptitude of the executives with your project to ensure a good fitment.

Our Core Services

As an International Construction Worker recruitment Agency : We Provide Masons, Shuttering Carpenters, Steel Fixers, Plumbers, Electricians to our foreign customers.

These workers are tested as per their trades to verify their skills and speed of doing work. We guarantee that each worker send by us is skilled and will be able to do the job as required by our customer the foreign employer.

Skype interviews can be conducted where the Worker can be interviewed by a technical person to verify that they would be a good addition to your company.

There is a Trade Test Certificate for each of the Workers tested that shows Skill level and Competence. This makes recruiting Foreign Workers easy and without Risk of getting workers who simply don’t know the job !

Construction Managerial Recruitment

We Provide Construction Site Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Draftsmen, etc as per the requirements of the Foreign Employer.

Construction Recruitment