International Security Guards Recruitment Agency

Role of an International Security Guards Recruitment Agency

A Security Guard is employed to ensure  the security and safety of people, properties, businesses and various assets. Security guards will generally wear a uniform to identify their role and patrol the premises to safeguard against any criminal and unauthorised activities. Security guards work in small and large teams depending on the size of the premises. They also have day and night shifts to ensure round the clock security of the premises being patrolled and guarded.

We help our clients recruit Young, Physically Fit and Smart, English Speaking Security Guards.

International Security Guards Recruitment Agency

Security guard recruitment agencies suggest that company looking to employ security guard staff will be looking for a trustworthy, honest individual. Esource Global does background  checks for all security guards recruited by them to ensure that only verified, experienced and the most suitable security guards are send to our customers.

Guards need to have a keen eye and be naturally observant as many of these jobs involve camera surveillance and working with equipment that monitors the premises you would are ultimately responsible for.

Other security roles involve monitoring members of the public in shops and supermarkets. These roles will require someone who is able to display training when it comes to dealing with individuals who may be engaging in theft, suspicious behaviour or any other illegal activities.

Security guards can also be expected to have some sort of emergency medical training along with evacuation training as can be called to assist in these sorts of circumstances.

Esource Global, is Govt.of India registered International Security Guard Recruitment Agency that specializes in providing skilled Security guards to our customers worldwide.

Infrastructure of an International Security Guards Recruitment Agency

As a registered  Security guard recruitment agency that offers a complete recruitment solutions to our worldwide clients. We are committed to provide to our clients smart, experienced security guards, with a matchless level of service by ensuring that all the guards are throughly tested and screened to verify and confirm their skill level.

We have associate offices spanning the country that enables them to source security guards from different parts of the country in large numbers as required by their clients.

Our Core Services

International Security Guards Recruitment AgencyInternational Armed Security Guards Recruitment Agency

Security Guards Recruitment                         Armed Security Guards Recruitment

We supply able bodied, young, smart english speaking security guards for your various projects.

We supply the best and well experienced Armed guards available from India sourcing them from remote parts of the country. Many of these have experience from the Indian Army and are well accepted and in demand from our customers.

Overseas Recruitment services offered by Esource Global

As an approved security guards recruitment agency, Esource Global brings to you one-stop professional recruitment solutions for permanent recruitment process outsourcing or necessity based hiring support. The well-timed and cost efficient human relations solutions of this registered firm are assured to drive better outcomes. Their services are custom tailored to suit their clients industry and business environment.

The recruitment services offered by us include:

  • Initial screening .
  • Comprehensive Trade test of skills.
  • Offer letter acceptance.
  • Medicals & other documentation.
  • Visa & ticketing.
  • Induction about the client before departure.

Excluding urgent vacancies, huge corporations, growing businesses will have an everlasting demand for capable manpower to take their company to the highest level. In such situations, Esource Global will keep a constant lookout for capable individuals in all trades who can append value to your business. They manage these requirements across numerous worldwide locations and with a previously decided pricing structure.

Esource Global is the registered International Security Guard Recruitment Agency that maintains and regularly updates a large resume database and their network is competent to reach out to thousands of new candidates such as Security guards, Armed personnel, etc to ensure high availability of these  for our clients worldwide.

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