Overseas Construction Worker Recruitment Agency

Services of an Overseas Construction Worker Recruitment Agency

For any construction project to commence and finish effectively, skilled construction workers are vital as cement and bricks.

A construction worker performs all sorts of physical operations at a building site.Their work can involve constructing a commercial building, Industrial factory or a residential block of homes.

Esource Global, is Govt.of India registered and licensed overseas recruitment firm that specializes in providing skilled construction workers to International construction and contracting companies worldwide.

Esource serves foreign clients by sourcing and trade testing construction workers of different trades like masons, shuttering carpenters, steel fixers, electricians, plumbers, etc. amongst others thus building value for our clients and their business.

How does an Overseas Construction Worker recruitment agency get workers?

As a registered construction worker recruitment agency that offers a complete recruitment solutions to our worldwide clients.

Steel fixer recruitment services

We are committed to provide to our clients, workers who are skilled in

building construction, carpentry, masonry, steel fixing, electrical and plumbing trades,

with a matchless level of service

by ensuring that all the workers are trade tested at fully equipped

and trusted trade centers to verify and confirm their skill level.

Our Core Services

As an International Construction Worker Recruitment Agency We offer

Steel fixers / Bar Bender recruitment
Steelfixer worker
We supply the best steel fixers available from India sourcing them

from remote parts of the country where the steel fixing trade runs

in their families since decades – providing you with highly skilled steel fixers.

Overseas Construction Worker Recruitment Agency

Construction Worker Recruitment Agency

Construction worker in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


We supply Block, Tile and Plaster masons.

As well as all round Masons.

Inquire with us about our current lot of skilled masons.


International Recruitment Construction Work

Shuttering / Finishing Carpenter recruitment

Painter Recruitment services


We offer skilled Painters, Scaffolders, shuttering carpenters,Finishing carpenters,

Spray and Brush painters, polishers,etc.




HVAC technicians/ Welders/Drivers recruitment
HVAC Technicians

We have a database of skilled A/C technicians

Skilled in Split and stand alone air conditioning systems

Arc,TIG,welders upto 6G and light and heavy drivers.




Plumbers/ Electricians / Crane operators/ Cooks/ Labor recruitment

Welder, Electrician Recruitment ServicesWe offer overseas experienced Plumbers and Electricians for construction projects.

Most of them read blueprints and know basic English.

Construction & mobile crane operators, Mess cooks, construction labor,etc

are available for your construction projects.

Construction Recruitment