Overseas Road Construction Recruitment Agency

Our Services as a Overseas Road Construction Recruitment Agency

The presence of quality roads is essentially like the lifeblood of our society, connecting people to places, all throughout the world. Even though the technology in construction equipment has advanced in a vast many ways, there must obviously still be a human being present to operate it. Hence the need for a professional road construction worker recruitment agency that can fill this vital role within the development our infrastructure.

We at Esource Global, as a road construction worker recruitment agency have created an versatile database to accommodate requests for road construction workers that see major workloads added all year round. Brand new highways and roads are consistently developed in order for the globalization of our world to retain a better factor of connectivity.

Recruitment services include the following.

Grader & Levelers.

Bull dozer & Dumper Truck Drivers.






We also recruit

Excavator Operators

JCB Operators

Concrete Pump operators





Role of a  Professional Overseas Construction Road Recruitment Agency

We specifically help in recruitment an efficient road construction crew. A good crew will do the following amongst other tasks.

  • Design and develop new road products which include road materials and row pave.
  • Always making sure that the quality of asphalt components are always high and suitable for the public.
  • Consistently testing out the properties of asphalt and how well it will improve over time 
  • Assessments of CO2 quality and various improvements of asphalts which are semi-heated.
  • Testing to see if there has been any damage or damage caused by overheating.
  • Constant laboratory testing of the compositions and the bitumen.
  • Check and test for the present quality in the expansion joints.
  • Always testing and making sure that the overall quality of roads are solid and up to par, producing feedback if repairs are needed.
  • Controls over the inspection and auditing in regards to the application of road products.
  • Overseeing the designs of road mixtures.

Esource Global is a registered overseas construction worker recruitment agency that maintains and regularly updates a large resume database and their network is competent to reach out to thousands of new candidates like Masons, Carpenters, Steel fixers, Electricians, etc to ensure high availability of these skilled workers for our clients worldwide.

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