Professional International  Recruitment Agency – Esource Global Management Team

The Team at Esource Global is divided by functional areas of Sales, Recruitment, Finance, operations and administration. The team members are well trained and take ownership of their job roles and responsibilities. The team delivers customer value and satisfaction consistently. They create a positive, upbeat and harmonious working environment at the workplace and are productive and effective while serving our clients consistently with excellence.
We invest in employee training and development helping them grow in skills and responsibilities and have them move to bigger roles and responsibilities in the organizational hierarchy.

Candidate Free Replacement Guarantee

We are business enablers that provide recruitment solutions with a guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the employee provided by us within the first 3 months,we will give you a replacement without any charge. We also have performance guarantees to complete the recruitment projects within committed timelines and quality commitments. Our aim is to be excellent in our services using productive and innovative methods and technology to provide a world class recruitment experience.

Client fulfillment Process at a Professional International  Recruitment Agency

For more than 8 years, Esource has specialized in International recruitment services to help place professionals in a variety of specialities, in exciting job opportunities and industries around the world.
Our extensive knowledge of the international job market for professionals enable us to offer professional and prompt recruitment services. Esource maintains a database of Indian professional candidates who are actively seeking positions in specialties in Construction, Healthcare, Hospitality Industries.

We spend time with our clients to understand their business and their culture. This helps us recruit the right mix of skill and aptitude of employees for their business. We do suggest changes in recruitment and salary and benefits to our clients if we find that they would help them recruit and retain good employee talent for the long run, ensuring customer satisfaction. In short we get the job done for you so that you can focus on your business.